Can I sue ex husband after divorce?

A divorce does not end financial commitments as husband or wife and it’s, therefore, possible for former spouses to claim against their ex in the future. This is of course unless a prenup agreement was signed before entering into the marriage or a postnuptial agreement was signed during the marriage.

What can I sue my ex spouse for?

You can sue your ex-wife, ex-husband, or anybody who defamed you. Your ex must have made slanderous statements against you, incurring sufferable damages: If they claim that you were physically abusive, for instance, and you can prove that you were not, there may be grounds for a case.

How long after divorce can you claim?

For married couples, applications for property and financial matters must be commenced by filing in court within 12 months of finalising your divorce. For de facto relationships, the Family Law Act allows a period of 2 years after the end of a relationship to file for property or financial application.

Can ex wife claim after divorce?

You can’t remarry and claim ex-spousal benefits, but it’s fine if your ex does. … You can still file for benefits based on their record regardless of their marital status, so long as you remain single. If a person has multiple ex-spouses, they’re all allowed to claim based on the spouse’s record.

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Can you sue your ex husband for emotional distress?

Emotional Abuse Can Give You the Right to Sue

If your spouse has intentionally caused you to suffer emotional distress, you may have the right to file a civil lawsuit for damages. Filing a lawsuit can hold your spouse accountable for their actions and allow you to recover comepnsation.

Can I sue my ex for pain and suffering?

Fortunately, the law in California recognizes that fact and allows victims to recover for their mental anguish or emotional suffering. So when people ask us, “Can you sue for emotional distress in California?” the answer is yes.

Can you take your ex back to court?

Whether your former spouse is trying to change their child support payments, alimony payments, or custody terms, they can bring you back to court to try to modify the divorce order. Make sure you have the appropriate documentation in order and are prepared to provide the judge sufficient evidence.

Can my ex wife claim half my house?

Legally speaking, an ex cannot force you from the family home to sell up. … No single party in a divorce is entitled to 50% of all assets, including the family home.

Can my ex wife claim against my new partner?

Since it is your house, your new partner’s ex cannot make any claim against your property. … And anyway, her lawyers may say, since you are helping your partner to address his housing needs, the ex-wife can how have more of the equity since he does not have as great a need.

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What rights does an ex wife have?

After divorce, the rights and responsibilities of a husband and wife are contained in the final divorce decree. … Generally your ex-wife would have the same rights as you after divorce, including a right to marital property, alimony (depending on your state) and access to the children.

Can you sue your spouse’s lover?

No one wins in an adulterous relationship—least of all is the jilted spouse—but luckily, there is legal recourse for some situations: You can sue someone for breaking up a marriage. … The adultery itself is not the crime; it is the actions of the other man or woman that determines whether a law has been broken.

Can you sue for narcissistic abuse?

Yes. In many jurisdictions, it is known as ‘Intentional infliction of emotional distress’ and/or ‘mental anguish’.

What constitutes harassment from an ex spouse?

Harassment is when an abuser intentionally causes emotional harm to a victim on a regular basis. … Any consistent abusive behaviors during a divorce may be harassment. During a divorce, your spouse may behave inappropriately toward you and your children. Your spouse may threaten, stalk, or even assault you.