How do I file for divorce in Rhode Island?

A divorce is filed by submitting to the family court clerk the following forms: a complaint, a DR6, two statements listing the children of the divorce, a family services counseling report form, a report of divorce, a copy of the marriage certificate, the summons, and the filing fee.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in RI?

What is the filing fee for a divorce in Rhode Island? The court fees for filing the paperwork for a basic divorce in a Rhode Island court is $120.00.

How long does it take to get divorce in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, an uncontested divorce may be granted in as little as 75 days—and some divorces may be granted even sooner if they qualify for expedited processing. However, wait times are often longer if the court imposes a waiting period, the parties cannot agree, or there are other complexities.

Can I file for divorce without a lawyer in RI?

Rhode Island doesn’t allow you to finalize an uncontested divorce based just on your paperwork and settlement agreement. You will need to appear at a hearing before a judge at least once.

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Can I file for divorce online in RI?

Valid grounds to get divorce in Rhode Island

Grounds for an online divorce using are the same as they would be for any divorce within the State of Rhode Island. Grounds are merely the reason for divorce, and the state must approve them. Establishing grounds is an important step in the filing process.

Who pays for a divorce?

The simple fact is that the petitioner always pays the divorce fees. The person filing for the divorce (known as the Petitioner) will always pay the divorce filing fee.

What is the quickest divorce?

A couple in Kuwait reportedly got divorced after just three minutes in Kuwait last month, in what is believed to be the shortest marriage on record.

Who serves divorce papers in Rhode Island?

The sheriff will deliver the papers to the defendant and return proof that the defendant was served to the plaintiff. There is a fee for this service. Alternatively, the plaintiff may use a private constable authorized in Rhode Island to serve legal documents.

What can you not do during a divorce?

What Not To Do During Divorce

  1. Never Act Out Of Spite. You may feel the impulse to use the court system to get back at your spouse. …
  2. Never Ignore Your Children. …
  3. Never Use Kids As Pawns. …
  4. Never Give In To Anger. …
  5. Never Expect To Get Everything. …
  6. Never Fight Every Fight. …
  7. Never Try To Hide Money. …
  8. Never Compare Divorces.

How do you legally separate in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, a legal separation may be granted on the same grounds used in a divorce, which is no-fault, including 1) irreconcilable differences causing am irremediable breakdown in the marriage or 2) living separate and apart without cohabitation for three years.

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Does it matter who files for divorce first in RI?

If you file for divorce, you are the plaintiff (or petitioner) in your divorce proceedings. Your spouse is the defendant (or respondent). By filing first, you have the advantage of getting all your ducks in a row before you file. The defendant, on the other hand, has 30 days to respond to the “complaint.”

Is adultery illegal in RI?

Is Adultery a Crime in Rhode Island? Most states have decriminalized infidelity. However, Rhode Island is an exception: Its laws make adultery a criminal offense that subjects the adulterer to a fine.

What is a divorce from bed and board?

The equivalent of a legal separation is a divorce from bed and board. If spouses divorce from bed and board, they become economically separated but remain legally married. When spouses decide to divorce from bed and board, since they are still legally married, they do not have the right to remarry.

Are divorce records public in RI?

Are Rhode Island Divorce Records Public Information? Certified copies of Rhode Island divorce records are restricted from public access, but interested persons may obtain archived divorce records.

What is DR6?

Name of Insurance Provider: Employer’s Telephone Number: Attorney’s Telephone Number. A DR-6 shall be filed with Complaints for Divorce, Bed and Board Divorce, Miscellaneous Complaints, or Child Support Complaints. A DR-6 shall be filed with Answers or Counterclaims or Modifications of Prior (Support) Orders.

How do I file a motion in RI?

Motions may be filed in paper, or alternatively, may be sent electronically via email to our Helpdesk at: The subject line of the email must state, “Motion For Excusal”.

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